Executive, Career, Transition coach And Advisor

I help you unlock your highest potential and
provide you with the tools to get there.

Are you... 

  • reaching a point in your career where you're no longer sure about your next goal?

  • doing well in your career, but not as satisfied as you thought you'd be?

  • receiving a promotion and a bit intimidated by your new responsibilities?

  • deciding to enter a brand new industry and unsure how to navigate the waters?

What if you could…

  • clarify your goals and accelerate your progress toward them?

  • find true success and fulfillment in your current position?

  • identify and achieve your dream job?

  • consider career transitions from a place of confidence?

  • become a stronger, more authentic leader?

Some transitions are chosen and others are imposed on you, both can be tremendous opportunities if you approach them that way.

We work together so you can pause and make sure your approach and each move is in line with your values and strengths. We do the work to make sure these changes bring more fulfillment into your life.

After spending 30 years in the corporate world, starting as a Sales Representative and achieving Executive roles, I’ve walked your path. The pride you take in every accomplishment may be offset by questions about such things as how you can best juggle competing priorities, how you can achieve your next promotion, the best way to lead and motivate your team, and maybe even whether this is really making you happy even though it's what you've always wanted.

I'm happy to share my experience, knowledge and training with you.

As your coach I'll be there to push when you need a boost to take action to overcome obstacles and pull when you need a pause to breathe.  -Randi Roberts