I’ve spent over 25 years at one company and have been fortunate to achieve most of my career goals.   But I’m not done, so I sought some help resetting my thinking, developing new career goals and building a new plan.  Randi helped me to think differently.  She asks insightful questions, and helped me to find the answers.  Her experience and insights helped me to challenge my thinking and feel more confident about my choices.   I was surprised how quickly I was able to identify the critical areas of importance to me and begin work on a focused and meaningful plan. 

I truly enjoyed working with Randi.  With her help, I am now much more confident about my career path and am excited about the future. As an experienced business leader I have had opportunities to work with executive coaches. I can honestly say that working with Randi has been one of the most valuable experiences for my personal and professional growth. The entire experience exceeded my expectations.

-Robert C.


I sought coaching because I was feeling unfulfilled. My job had become tedious even though I had recently been promoted. I felt I was capable of so much more. I struggled with identifying how to move into something that inspires and motivates me. At the end of the day I want to be in a role that has lasting impact on the world. Randi helped me to identify what I really want in my career.  I found that it was OK to dream, and I came up with a plan to achieve it.  Randi’s practical approach helped me to remove the emotion and drama from the equation, and kept me focused on real matters and ones that I can control.

I did find that our work sometimes challenged my thought processes and moved me outside my comfort zone – but I always felt I was making strides for myself toward a more rewarding life – that’s good for anyone. I have much greater clarity on my mission and what I want to be when I grow up!  It is still tough to move down the road – but Randi helped me find the road. 

-Margo C.

Randi Roberts’ coaching was invaluable to my recent career transition process. For the past 15 years I had been a freelancer or worked in small businesses of 15-20 people, and now I was considering an opportunity at a large design firm with over 1500 employees in multiple offices nationwide. Randi’s insights based on a deep knowledge of how corporations function was directly relevant to my situation, but more importantly - Randi's sharp perception and active listening abilities enabled her to help me find my way. 

Randi coached me to think logically through the pros and cons of my options, then navigate the offer negotiation process with confidence, give notice, and prepare for my new position. Randi taught me to “decide with my head, and implement with my heart.” As a result, I am now in an extremely rewarding and challenging position, and have maintained a positive professional relationship with my previous employer. 

One of the most helpful aspects of our work was the “homework” assignments to which I committed. I found them to be very empowering, and helped me to find the answers within myself.  I look forward to continuing my coaching with Randi to work on goal-setting for success, management skills, and work-life balance.  

-Anat G.